Hello guys! I hope you are enjoying your day! Today, was a little warm because i had to take off my jacket in the afternoon😜! As you guys also know that WINTER is going away for a vacation😜! In easy words, winter is leaving and………SUMMER is jumping in its place so get ready for it! But of course there is another climate in different kinds of other countries so, YEAH! Only get ready for summer if summer is ready for you😜! Does that make SENSE???

Let’s jump straight to it…..


Orchids are the most exquisite plant in the world! It is a very beautiful plant! Not only a plant but a FLOWERING plant! There are also ,many types of Orchids! They are from the orchid family…….that’s a bit obvious right???  Orchidaceae is the family name and it is a diverse and widespread family of flowering plants! AND they come in many colours like read , pink and many, many more 😂! Asteraceae is a flowering plant family too and along with the Orchidaceae, they both are the largest flowering plant families in the world! They are mostly found in the AMAZON rainforests!

Chinchillas are either of two species of crepuscular rodents of the parvorder Caviomorpha! Woah! This is a quiet…..SCIENTIFIC sentence! These CUTE animals are sooo cute😂! They are a little larger than ground squirrels and Chinchillas are native to the Andes mountains in South America! AND they are a type of SQUIRRELS!!!

So, there you go! I think pretty much information has gotten int everyone’s brains after reading this like i mean! Many of you might know this already! I didn’t know all this but i got information from many sources! Like books and Google and from our brain too so don’t miss that out😂! AU REVOIR and bye! I hope i’ll see you soon…….until then…….bye……!!!


CIAO Guys!!! The weather is getting a little calmer as you have seen⛅! Today, I was just sitting around….kinda bored……and I was just sitting around watching TV 📺! I was thinking that how QUICKLY the month of January is passing away! I didn’t even notice how fast it went! So, without any FURTHER ADO, Let’s get started😜!

Of course! One plant and an animal……

The first flower I am going to talk about is……hold your hats……..GINGER! OK! Not that ginger that we use in food though it does have a connection with it😜! This ginger flower is a FLOWERING plant! There are so many of its types that it’ll take me a really long time to tell their names! In easy words the list is as long as Rapunzel’s HAIR! This flower comes in many extraordinary colours! Most of these flowers are edible too such as Torch Ginger, as it has edible USES as well…! I think you are familiar with the ginger plant’s family members like tumeric and cardamon! This is also a…….VERY……..EXTREMELY…….IMMENSELY….HUGELY( i think these are enough words…..maybe one more wouldn’t hurt😜!)….TREMENDOUSLY Beautiful!!!

The second in the line is….THE SNOWY OWL! I think you have guessed by the name that this owl lives in the most coldest place on the EARTH! Yup! You’re right, it lives in the Arctic Circle! It is a mammal! The females have some black feathures but the male have white feathures! They are from the true owl family! AND this is just a type of an owl! Cuz’ there are many, many more……..

So, guys! I hope you liked the pictures and It made you smile cuz’ in this world……..people should start smiling and laughing! Bye! For now……😜!


HOLA! Hello guys! I hope you are sitting in a couch happy, and with a cup of coffee! I know! People have to go to work and their jobs or school or college for teens! But today! I thought that people should also get to know MR. ANGER a little better😜! So i have fixed an appointment with Mr. Anger and he should see you in a couple of minutes or seconds! So……please wait and relax😂!

Mr. Anger :

ARGH! My name is Anger! I am a hot head so don’t mess with me! Where ever I go people boil up like a kettle! In fact, they turn into a VOLCANO! I am always invited to parties, dinners and birthdays! I’m always going on a world tour because, for some strange reason, people are attracted to me like a magnet! They also blame ME for their anger but they should be RESPONSIBLE for making me come to their houses!

I make people as red as a tomato🍅! They carry me around where ever they go and then they shout and argue with their friends! Then they realize their mistake of taking me along with them and then they apologize like,”I am so sorry and please forgive me!” And then they throw me out of their house like a bag of GARBAGE! It’s so not FAIR! I don’t know the cause but I can NEVER relax in my red couch! I’m always roaming around the world and when people start to go bananas, I fly to them and make them to go more mad! And when happiness crowds over them, I get extremely JEALOUS! After saying this short sentence of MY emotions, I realized that you might know that HAPPINESS is my most DANGEROUS and FURIOUS enemy!!!

In my opinion, I am self-sufficient, a DRAGON, and most importantly, I am ANGRY!!! I love and love to be myself and I am famous in the whole world!!! I am a dangerous virus that has spread out in the world just like butter spreads on bread! ARGH!

WELL, I hope you had a nice little meeting with Mr. Anger 😂 ! See you all soon guys! And AU REVOIR!


☃️☃️☃️! Hi guys! I hope you’re ENJOYING this…..this…..BEAUTIFUL weather! (It’s kinda hard to keep a straight face!) I am feeling super cold right now but coffee☕ and soup🍲 are still alive, I think I can survive😂! So, today I wanted to get a little……CREATIVE! So, the pictures you are going to face today….will be……BEAUTIFUL!!!

Polar Bear is a dangerous! BUT a very interesting and…..CUTE animal! (for me!) This animal is the largest carnivore that lives on land! It is a mammal! AND it lives in the most coldest place which is too much and this weather, we are facing is nothing compared to it! …….Cuz’ it lives in the ARCTIC CIRCLE!!! And half of their diet goes in eating Seals! Its their favourite animal!

Echinacea is a plant! It has 10 species and is commonly called coneflower! They are mostly found in eastern and central North America. They also have large SHOWY heads! I think that it means that their heads show vibrantly!!! AND they come from the daisy family!

So, keep calm guys! And enjoy the weather because…..it is just WINTER! I am just kidding! See you soon! Adios!


Hello guys and BONJOUR! I hope you had a good day! I think the weather is getting a little better, only a little better though 😂! Let’s continue with the work we started……..yesterday, right??? I am just kidding i know it was Monday!😂!

Well……..what are we waiting for???

Menelaus blue morpho! This is is an insect! A butterfly! BUT not an ordinary butterfly…! This butterfly is among the largest butterflies in the world! It is blue in color and it is amazingly and extraordinary-ly beautiful!😂!! This is pretty obvious that……wait for it……..that it lives in……..a rainforest! See obvious😂! It is endangered though…….by larger insects or animals…..! Poor butterfly😢!

Amanita caesarea is a…….MUSHROOM! it is CONSIDERED edible and it was one of the favourites of the early Roman emperors as it is also called Caesar’s Mushroom! As you all know mushrooms come in the list of The Fungus Kingdom! Now this is an interesting fact! This mushroom is NOT found in a rainforest but in a………..DECIDUOUS FOREST!

So, see you you all tomorrow! Tomorrow is Tuesday right?? Ohhh! Sorry tomorrow is Thursday😂! Au Revoir! See you…….later😂!


HOLA! Hello everyone and I hope you had a nice Monday today! Let’s continue with what we were discussing on Sunday😂! So, what are we waiting for?????

Let’s Begin…….

This is……….A BEAR! There are many facts about bears! They give birth to their cubs and their cubs are extremely cute! Bears also have an amazing scent! Smell, I mean😂! They can smell things from kilometers! Bears are mainly active at dusk and at night to hunt!!! These animals, most of them are carnivore, some are herbivore and some omnivore!!!

Wisteria is a very, very beautiful vining plant! It is very huge and heavy and looks very good on archways! It comes in different colours such as white, pink blue and purple!!! This plant grows very fast and is often 25 to 30 feet long! Woah! That is pretty SKYSCRAPING!!!

SO! I really do hope that you are enjoying these……. INFORMATIVE😂 SERIES!!! See you soon tomorrow and ADIOS😉!



Hi guys! I hope you are having a nice day! The winter is getting fierce day by day☃️! I know, I know that it says AMAZON on the top but It doesn’t mean what you think it means! AMAZON is the world’s largest Rainforest! But I am not talking about the Amazon, no! I am talking about a long, refreshing, relaxing trip through a forest filled with nature! It is a long and long series! It will be a wild and DANGEROUS journey……..!!! Pack up your bags and let’s GO!!!


This is a………..COCOA TREE! Also known as the Theobroma cacao, It’s seeds that are also called cocoa beans, produce……wait for it……..Chocolate😂! This tree is found in lowland forests and produces cocoa and then it is made into chocolate! The all favourite!!! People all around the world know this tree and it is quiet famous! A cacao tree can live……….A 100 YEARS😲!!!

These are Toucans! These are a type of bird that is found in….forests! But in Rainforests and they build their homes in the hollows of trees! They have 40 DIFFERENT SPECIES😲! They come in different colours! There lifespan is typically 20 years! They lay white, glossy looking eggs!

So, this is all for today guys😂! Have a nice day!!! Make sure that people around you admire the wonderful green nature on Earth! Our Earth is a really beautiful place to admire on nature! CIAO!


Image result for image for bored

Hi guys! I hope you are doing well and today I was just sitting around doing nothing! In other words I was BORED!!! So, I thought I was bored I did know what i HAD to do so I decided to write this blog and help those who are just sitting around doing nothing and apart from that it will surely and HOPEFULLY (fingers crossed)😁 add something to make your routine a complete book of success! So let’s get to it! I mean jump to it😁!



I love playing games with my sister in the Saturdays and specially SUNDAYS! I love to play all types of games and there are a million, billion, trillion, a ZILLION! OK! I need to take a break I thing I am going too far😁!!! Now back to the topic, games are a lot and a lot! There are puzzle games, board games, all types of sports and many action games! You have soooo much fun playing games and you spend your time with enjoyment! Including when you throw the pillow at your friend!😁!



This is what I’ll do if I had to pick from all these 5 options! But this is your choice and remember!!! YOUR CHOICE MATTERS! Go out to a park! Walk and tidy away all the stuff in your mind! Then, you can also go to an AMUSEMENT PARK! You know a Ferris wheel, Water slides, and a Roller coaster and……and……many more! Just go out there, COOL your nerves just like a cucumber and ENJOY! Cuz’ that’s what people like to do when there’re bored! Right???


Image result for image for books

This option is for those people who love to read! Who read like there is no breaking point! Reading is a very good habit and it really, really, really helps you to make your dictionary better! I mean your mind dictionary not the real dictionary, OK!😁 There are many authors and there are many books to read so no excuses ok? There is the wimpy kid, Harry Potter and a loads others! So read till you feel joy burst inside you!


Image result for image for watching tv

I know that watching TV and other things may affect your eyes but only if you watch it all day😉! A couple of hours can’t do any harm, can they? So watching a little entertainment doesn’t hurt! Just watch a little TV shows and movies and that’s also a pretty good way in my opinion to spend time when you’re bored! You may also get a laugh while watching………!


This is the best of the top 5! This is really the best! I sometimes see that people are not spending enough time with their family! Well, this is the moment to clear up your mind and play with your family, talk with them and enjoy with them! Your day was boring and then it became the BEST day of your life! And just feel the joy enter you when you spend time with your family!!!

So, after reading these five points, I do hope you do figure out what to do when you’re bored! Well I sometimes read other bloggers blogs when I am bored. The top 7 bloggers I read and whose blogs are amazing are:

So, please follow all these amazing bloggers and I hope you liked this blog! See you soon and AU REVOIR!!!


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Snore! Snore! Snore! You are sleeping peacefully, dreaming about the next day and SUDDENLY………SPLASH! A big, huge, massive gigantic, colossal, mammoth (I think they are enough words for now, don’t you?) splash of cold and freezing water hits your toes and you shriek! AAAHHHH!!! Just in the winter season your friend just pranks you and you are sooooo SUPER mad!!! Now the loophole in pranks is that you mostly prank them back like revenge! I think everyone has experienced this little act once in their life! And it kinda feels really bad and you get red as a tomato and then after a day or two you laugh on the prank that was played on you!!! Strange, huh?


Whether its one of your siblings playing a prank on you or your best friend, you do boil up like a hot kettle don’t you? such as if you open your kitchen door to get a glass of refreshing juice, you instead got a big splash of water! Not in the mouth though, but in the FACE!!! Feels funny when you hear it now but when it happens to you then you may get a…….. little…….FURIOUS OR MAD! S o stay a little calm after that cuz’ its just a prank you know….! Pranks are meant to be funny but sometimes they make people angry and ruin their whole day with just one practical joke!

2)HOW TO???

Image result for pranks heading

Playing pranks on a person just requires CREATIVITY! It has to be a creative mind to play hilarious and less dodgy pranks! When people play pranks on their elders they mostly get GROUNDED or PUNISHED! So don’t do that if your house has this rules Ok…….! Pranks are easy enough to plan even if they are not easy to display! You gotta get the right time for that poor person you are going to act on and the necessary equipment’s so don’t get a little jumpy if they go a little bananas😁! And after you have pulled off that prank people might consider you as funny as a monkey!


There are so many pranks in this world like in this world not in mars Ok or in Jupiter! There are so many that you may go as mad as a March hare while counting so I might put a short list here cuz’ i really, really don’t want my readers to go bonkers reading but I promise you! It’s going to be INTERESTING!!!😁

  • A WHOOPEE CUSHION ( sit on it and the sound will shout out that you will never forget!)
  • CREAM PIE ( simple! a pie in the face! delicious, isn’t it?)
  • BUCKET OF WATER ON THE DOOR ( pretty refreshing, right?)
  • WATER BOMB ( cool as a cucumber!)
  • FAKE SHARK FIN ( Run!!! super scary!)
  • SNOW IN THE SHIRT OR PANT ( freezing cold!)
  • ITCHING POWDER ( scratch!)
  • HAND BUZZER ( an electric shock is enough!)

So, I really and extremely hope that this blog made you laugh and I hope you enjoyed! Your laughs and joys mean a lot to me! Keep smiling and ADIOS!😁


Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

HI GUYS!!! I hope you are doing well and this post is all about this world! SORRY! I meant the food of this world!!! Yep, I got it right in the 2nd try!!! So now read this short but everyday story!!! You just came home from a long, hard work day and your mother puts a large bowl of salmon in front of you! Then a large bowl of kale, spinach and all the greens you could think of IN this world! Not in space 😀! OK! Then she puts another bowl of chocolate pudding and a large bowl of ICE-CREAM that you can eat 24 hours a day and won’t even share it with your bestie! THAT’S GETTING SERIOUS! So what would you do??? Pick the leafy healthy greens or the yummy unhealthy pudding?


This is for that person who is a healthy, fit, strong, tough, athletic………………………… and that is a long list so I probably should stop now 😄! Now this person eats all types of healthy food that you could think of while dreaming! All the food the candy person would not even glance at! Far from even looking at it!!! Healthy food is nutritious and wholesome if you go about liking it! It gives you strength and you may look like an active and very fit person after eating this kind of food! But eating TOO much of it may cause a little problem………….. SO DON’T EAT IT TOO MUCH!!!


Now coming to this person! This person is a whole other story, ok! So don’t FREAK out after reading this! This person can’t even resist the things like chocolate or pizzas! Talking about it he just begins to….to……..DROOL! In easy words its his BEST BUDDY!!! He eats all types of snacks like Pizza, Burger, Fries, Desserts, Drinks……WOAH! This is a very…..very……VERY long list! This list’ll take you……Let me just calculate……..48 HOURS in minimum to read! This person is very lazy, slow, sleepy, and kinda angry sometimes so when your parents tell you to not eat that many M&M’S so listen to your parents then cuz’ if you don’t! You might regret it later on…….!


Image result for image of candies and veggies

Now this person is……..kinda hard to explain😁😁😁!!! This person is a 50% and a 50%! He’s a neutral! He eats both lettuce and chocolate! Well that is better then chocolate, pastries and cookies or lettuce, spinach and tomatoes! A balanced diet is a diet in which we eat healthy and a little unhealthies! So never, ever, never eat TOO much of chocolate and never TOO much of LETTUCE! Keep it in the middle like the Equator……

So! If you are a healthy one then good job and remember! It’s always 50% not 100%……..


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